What We Do


What we Do

Goals &Objectives

  • To work in awareness creation, prevention, assistance and advocacy against Human Trafficking and other injustices in our society and to empower victims of Human Trafficking. We also work to assist returned survivors of trafficking in persons by helping to create a sustainable and fulfilling life style and dependable means of livelihood for them.
  • Empower victims of human trafficking by settling them with a business/ means of livelihood they can call their own and residential accommodation for two years to enable them live in dignity and be self-reliant
  • To encourage and strengthen the organizations that are undertaking activities to battle the problem of Human Trafficking and to serve as a communication network linking up groups of people and organizations that will be able to support each other and share information on this subject.
  • To work in the building and strengthening of Sisters of St. Louis Networks working in this field of the empowerment of the human persons and to generally undertake charity projects aimed at addressing all aspects of everyday needs of the poor and destitute.
  • To work to see a justice – based society where the rights and dignity of all, especially the less privileged in the society are respected and promoted.
  • To stand in solidarity with those who have no choice – the poor and marginalized especially victims of human trafficking
  • To respond to the needs of our times by empowering the weak and vulnerable of our world who have no voice, such as the victims of Human Trafficking and thereby make a strong contribution in the fight against human Trafficking


Realizing that this evil is thriving and also that the traffickers are now targeting rural areas for their recruitment, we have decided to put more of our energies and resources into Prevention.  We engage in creating awareness and sensitizing people on the evils and dangers of human trafficking.  We go on enlightenment programs such as campaigns to schools, churches, mosques, public places and youth forum.   To do this effectively, we have written a Handbook for Schools with the title – STOP TRAFFICKING IN WOMEN AND CHILDREN: It is a Crime against Humanity.

We give thanks for the universally acknowledged charity which He unfailingly showed as Father of the poor and the unfortunate” (Wirth, quoting from funeral tributes to Colmar).  He was one of the founding members of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Louis.

  • REHABILITATION: This as one major aspect of our program which aims at ensuring that, when we receive returnees, they are celebrated with a “No place like Home” party. This is to assure them that, they are welcome back home and that there is brighter future for them in Nigeria.
  • COUNSELING: These young persons who were forced into prostitution and forced labour return to Nigeria traumatized and demoralized. This soul healing program is very vital to our project.  A trained counselor, one of the Sisters of St, Louis is on ground to attend to victims by carefully listening to their stories and helping them to recover from their psychological trauma. Aside this, other Sisters help with counseling of Treasures and sometimes we employ the services of Priests for Spiritual activities. To God be the glory, a good number of them are very happy with the experience.
  • REINTEGRATION: This program that is provided to survivors of Human Trafficking is that we ensure that they are accepted back by their families, through family tracing and counseling.  Sometimes where there is threat from families or former traffickers, we employ the services of National Agency For Prohibition Of Traffic in Persons (NAPTIP), since we register the Treasures with NAPTIP once they arrive our Safehouse and we also have lawyers to stand for the victim. Part of their reintegration is setting them up in businesses of their choice and ability. They are also given residential accommodation so that they can live in dignity.

In recent times, eight of the Treasures have been reintegrated into the society with their families. They are doing well in their various businesses and work placement. One of the Treasures presently in the Safe House, will be graduating from her training of Hair Dressing by December 2019.

Four of the eight are happily married.  One of them had her wedding at St. Anthony Catholic Church Otor-Owhe on the 12th of October 2019 in Warri Diocese, Delta State.

  • MONITORING – When a Treasure has been set up with a form of business, we go periodically to monitor them to see how their project is growing and assist them to overcome difficulties and challenges.
  • EDUCATIONAL OR VOCATIONAL OR SKILLS TRAINING – Most of these victims, are from poor homes and lack skills or formal education.  This aspect of our program for them is to ensure that they go for further studies or learn vocational skills that can give them gainful employment or help them to become self-reliant in the future.
  • MINDSET-RE-SET: This program on Mindset-re-set is usually organized for them to re-orient their minds and bring them to life by training them on how they can re-set their minds.  They are trained on how to choose and organize their businesses.
  • SCHOOL CAMPAIGNS:   As a way of combating Human Trafficking, going to Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions has been an ongoing program in creating awareness to pupils, students and undergraduates on the dangers of Human Trafficking.  They are to be vigilant and not be deceived and not abandon their studies, for better life abroad.
  • International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking.  Every year, on February 8th, the Catholic Feast of St. Bakhita.  She was a Sudanese young
  • COMMUNITY BASED AWARENESS:  It is in our program every year to continuously create awareness in the different communities around our environment and other places.
  • YOUTH RALLY/MARKET CAMPAIGN:  These are different avenues of creating awareness in the society, on the ills of Human Trafficking. The services of the Youths are employed, equipping them with flyers, microphones etc. And also the Market women.  The leaders of these group and other spokes persons from the group, are usually educated to create this awareness on why Human Trafficking should be stopped.
  • RELIGIOUS GROUPS:      The Priests, Pastors, Imams, and Traditional Worshippers – We work with these groups, since they have the pulpit the Mosque and Shrine, the avenue where there are millions of human beings who go for worship.  They help in ensuring that Human Trafficking is stopped as they speak to the congregation with reference to the different items they use for worship like the Bible, Koran where it is against the teaching of Christ for a human person to be treated like a commodity.
  • SYMPOSIUM:          We organize symposia, Annual Conference with theme, such as “Stop Human Trafficking: It is a sin Against Humanity. Our program also involves  field Survey, Visit to Target Community Leaders, Children’s Summit Against Trafficking, Capacity Building for Staff, Visitation and re-integration programs for clients, medical Check-up for Clients, Street and Neighborhood campaigns and organizing programs on Being productive and Overcoming Societal and Economic Challenges.
  • END OF YEAR PARTY:    The survivors always look forward to this program every year.  Christmas is a time to celebrate and share gifts.  We celebrate with them to give them a sense of belonging and make them also have a feel of what the society is celebrating and to be in the mood of the festivity. The 2019 Christmas Party comes up on December 14, 2019. You are all cordially invited.


We are happy to share that we have recorded many success stories.  A good number of our Treasures got married after reintegration and they are living happily with their families, having been blessed with children. Some younger ones are in higher institutions of learning – universities and polytechnics, while some of them are studying to write WAEC, NECO, JAMB and processing admission into higher institutions of learning. Some of them acquired skills in such areas as hairdressing, tailoring, catering and selling and provisions.  Thanks to SLAVES NO MORE, ORDER OF MALTA and their supporters. We cannot thank the Sisters of St. Louis who are the brain behind this project and have supported all the way through.  These groups of people have brought hope and happiness in the lives of these people.


  1. Equipping our shelter for acquisition in computer, catering and fashion designing/tailoring and hairdressing, and adult literacy classes.
  2. Funds to set up business for those that have been Rehabilitated.
  3. Funds to boost the business of some who are experiencing serious setbacks in their business and who have problem renewing their rents.
  4. Funds to purchase a new Toyota Hiace Bus.
  5. Funds for printing Anti-trafficking Handbook and Teachers’ Manual for Schools and sensitization programs.
  6. Funds for flyers, pamphlets and mobility for awareness programs.
  7. Funds for the upkeep of our shelter, administrative costs and paying the wages of some of the workers.

In conclusion, we thank God who has enabled us to participate in the ministry of promoting and upholding the dignity of the human person.


  • TALITHAKUM – International Network of Consecrated Life Against Trafficking in Persons
  • MECATH – Media Coalition & Awareness to Hault Human Trafficking
  • NACTAL – Network of Civil Society Organization against Child trafficking, abuse and labour.
  • Children of the Night